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Our Vision

Our vision is to support the student community, individuals and corporate to achieve the success & contentment through our workshops, brain competency test, life skills lessons and meditations which are based on a human mind technology i.e Neuro Linguistic Programming. We believe in maintaining life time relations just to enlighten the people with our self development programs.

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My Inspiration

Dr. Amandeep Singh's PhD research topic was to develop & optimized the miniaturized and broadband antennas for portable wireless gadgets. One day when he was busy in his research work, suddenly a thought strikes his mind that if antenna catches a wrong signal, the receiver device will behave accordingly irrespective of its quality and manufacturing company similarly humans are also having such antennas (minds) and if it is tuned to inappropriate frequency (Pessimistic thoughts), the behaviour of a person will transform accordingly. He further experienced that whatever the person behave depends upon his perceptions and beliefs. Every person create these perceptions & beliefs not from anywhere rather from the information collected through his antenna (mind). That’s why roots of all the pains/sorrows are not in the outer world but in his own thoughts and if it can be changed, all troubles will disappear and person can live happy effortlessly. To understand the human antenna (mind), he came across few mind power techniques during his PhD. He observed that NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) was one of the great human mind technology created by Dr. Richard Bandler and John Grinder. He learned and applied it on himself and found his purpose of life, for which he is here in this world. This was the reason that a common person wants to fit in the job and don’t want to let leave his comfort zone after this much of struggle in life, he resigned from the post of Associate Professor & Head of Department of a reputed Engineering institution even after accomplishing PhD degree to fulfill his “Purpose of Life”.

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